C&C 35 Association of Detroit

The purpose of the C&C35 Association of Detroit is to develop and promote the C&C 35 Mark I as a racing and cruising boat, to develop and maintain level racing standards for the class, and coordinate cruising and social activities among the members. Our Association was founded in 1973, Political correctness aside, we feel that the following statement taken from the original sales brochure is as true today as it was then. “The C&C 35 designed by Cuthbertson and Cassian and built by Hinterhoeller, is a boat for today’s skipper who lives aboard his boat; sails with his family; races with his wife. He wants it all in one craft. He wants to win races. He wants comfort below deck and efficiency on deck. He wants a boat that will come first at the finish line, and first with his family.” Way ahead of the racer/cruiser design curve of its time, this boat remains a strong and comfortable boat even today. The Mark I is arguably the best performing C&C 35 built.

C & C 35 of Detroit